Custom Formulations

Let us develop the best product for your unique needs. Find out how to get started building your custom formulation below.

Custom Formulations

Our customized formulas are unique to the specifications of each private label customer. Regardless of your needs, EZ-GRO is there to ensure they are met, delivering quality solutions each and every time.


Why Custom?

Going custom means getting the best solution for your specific needs. When you decide to develop a private label product, your company will save money and time with our established infrastructure and formulation expertise. Our years of experience mean that you can develop the product less expensively with us opposed to on your own. Let us do the dirty work.



We assist each customer with a specification process that involves gathering the details for product usage requirements, product features and requested results. Our approach enables us to develop the perfect product to match each individual need.


Then we formulate, blend and mix the product to reach the specifications of the client. We take care and consideration to bring each product to life. Our proven processes and infrastructure enable us to create the best product possible.


Finally, we extensively test the product and assist in federal and state fertilizer registration, making the overall process simple and timely. Our results have always exceeded the expectations for our base of private label customers.


To get started building your custom formulation, start by calling and talking to a member of our team. We can be reached at 1-877-544-4769. Alternately, you can email us with any questions that you may have.